Real-time or scheduled reporting & notifications for every business case.

Do you have a team of security professionals (mobile patrols, officers, guards) that often struggle to document your clients’ critical security detail information? Perhaps your team is assigned to tour specific areas of the building and wanted to be notified when items have not been completed or performed outside of your location. We have the solution.
Are you an owner, operator or a service provider to the restaurant and hotel industry? Do you find it challenging to get real-time visibility into activities performed by employees, contractors, or management? Are your teams performing checklists via paper? Wouldn’t it be nice to have the information easily searchable and at your fingertips? We have the solution.
Are you a commercial cleaning company? Is your staff keeping the grounds clean and performing as expected? Do you lack detailed checklists & inspections of specific staff actions, such as trash emptied, windows washed, bathrooms cleaned or items restocked? Maybe you’re looking for an advantage against your competitors in the sales cycle? We have the solution.
Property Management
Does your organization employ contractors such as security, janitorial and maintenance workers? Are you struggling to have your contractors document critical items to ensure your properties are first class? Does sharing real-time information across teams on the location and status of activities give you a competitive advantage? We have the solution.
As a first-class facilities organization, you need to understand the state of all aspects of the facility in real-time. Your organization employs various staff members to maintain critical infrastructure. Imagine you could rely on real-time notifications from anyone in your organization via a mobile application that documents findings and exceptions. We have the solution.
Are you in the education, manufacturing, healthcare, construction, transportation, or retail industry? Is your organization desperate to rid itself of paper and clipboards? Perhaps you’re looking to increase productivity? Are you struggling to find a single platform that is economical, easy to use and maintain for your deskless workers? We have the solution.

User-friendly mobile app captures critical information for all your reporting needs.

Checkpoints & GPS
Easily place QR Codes at mandatory locations or on critical items which are quickly captured online or offline(for dead zones) and submitted with GPS and Date/Time stamp for reporting or tracking. Link checkpoints to specific reports/check lists so employees are presented with site specific information at the specified location
Instructions, Tasks, Reports, & Checklists
Create the reports, tasks, checklists and site specific instructions configured for your needs and have your employees easily submit them. Include photo, video, or audio evidence as you see fit and include GPS.
Clock in/out
Quickly allow your employees to clock in and out for time reporting and payroll needs which can be scheduled at your finger tips or exported as you see fit.

Receive reports in your inbox with photo, video, & audio. Get exception notifications when items aren’t completed and track where your team is submitting information.

View your scans, task and submitted report data real-time. Search for critical information on the reports. View your map dashboard to understand where items are taking place. Export your data when it's needed. Don't forget to view your time sheets and trends between scans.
Scheduler & Geofence
Ensure you have data in your inbox and your client's inbox when it's needed. Schedule any type of report for any time of day including a map of activities. Schedule exceptions reporting as well for items not included. Don't forget to draw a boundary around your site to ensure your team is submitting where they are supposed to.
Portal & Configuration
Our portal allows you to configure your system in minutes and push reports and task to the mobile apps when needed. Search through items, add additional users and create unlimited reports with our forms builder.

Employees use their Android or iOS Smartphone/tablets to scan check points, check off tasks, submit reports, and enter time from anywhere and is immediately visible everywhere.


Tablets make it a bit easier to submit and review.


Configure, Search, Review, & Schedule as your business sees fit.


Smartphones of all shapes and sizes capture critical information.

Director of Operations

Companies need to be planning for technology advancement right now. We’re able to leverage mobohubb across our deskless workforce for the accountability and reporting needs. The exception reporting and geofencing allow us to proactively improve and provide the best service to customers.

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Have a few more questions?

We realize all deskless workers have a similar working pattern, so we created a platform we think of as a hub that all organizations employing deskless workers can use.  We like to refer to ourselves as the ‘home for the deskless workforce’. The hub provides a single technology that all companies can use.  Double Bs make it unique

Deskless workers make up 2.7B workers.  They are typically employees in the field without a corporate email, no office to go, use their mobile devices for all work and often not provided technology.  They span more than 11 different industries may be referred to as field services workers. 

  • Price: One, all-inclusive subscription without setup fees.
  • No hardware to maintain: Our solution includes a mobile app, QR codes, reports, forms and a secure cloud-based portal to access your data.
  • Ease of use: Simple, flexible technology works for any type of deskless
  • Immediate value: Fast to deploy and easy to learn, you’ll start seeing results right away.
  • Scalable: We can grow as fast as you can. Need ramp-up today? We’re ready.
  • Experience: mobohubb was founded by industry experts and business technology executives with more than 30 years of collective experience.

No installation required!

Download a mobile app.

Apply a QR Code sticker.

Configure reports and tasks.

Login to a PC.

This is all it takes to use mobohubb. We provide a 100% guarantee that we’ll help ensure it’s easy. 

One, all-inclusive subscription price for everyone!
Max $15 per month per device and we go even lower with volume.
(yes, that’s right.)

  • No Hardware/Capital costs
  • No Upfront costs/Fees
  • Just Pay for the service you use via subscription pricing

mobohubb was built using the most secure, scalable and innovative technologies available today. We use a redundant and secure mobile framework to communicate between the mobile application and the mobohubb backend. Our portal is a native cloud application deployed using open, mature, scalable and secure technologies. Login from anywhere in the world to see what’s happening at your facilities. Don’t want to login to review everything? Simply configure an alert to notify you when unexpected events occur. mobohubb is built on serverless technology which no product in the industry can say. Our CTO is a nationally recognized modernization expert and speaker.

mobohubb works with Android and IOS devices.

mobohubb supports tablets, smart phones, and iPod touch

  • Sign-up for mobohubb
  • Configure reports
  • Configure forms
  • Configure tasks
  • Place your QR codes as needed
  • Download the mobohubb mobile application to your Android/iPhone/iPad/tablet
  • Validate your account by entering your PIN/Domain into your Android/iPhone/iPad/tablet
  • Check off tasks
  • Submit reports
  • Submit forms
  • Scan the QR codes
  • Submit time
  • Login to mobohubb for real-time access to all your data
  • Have reports scheduled to your inbox instantly or daily

mobohubb provides value to any industry or organization with a deskless workforce responsible for property tours, patrols, rounds, delivery, cleaning, maintaining, packaging, and more. Do any of these statements resonate for you?

  • If I can’t show some quantifiable value of my team’s work for the clients, I’ll lose business.
  • I need to keep the process and technology simple and affordable.
  • I need to submit detailed and timely reports so my clients can take action quickly.
  • I need to see immediate improvements in our reporting quality and efficiency.

If so, then mobohubb is for you. Here are a few of the business types we work with today:

  • Security Companies
  • Patrol Units
  • Facility and Maintenance Crews
  • Universities
  • Studios
  • Property Management Companies
  • Parks
  • Hospitals
  • Construction sites
  • Housing Authorities
  • Hotels
  • Security Co-op’s
  • Neighborhood Patrols
  • Janitorial services
  • Manufacturing
Need Help?

We are extremely proud of the level of customer service we provide and our customers are as well. You won’t wait days for a response as we usually assist in a minute. No question too big or small that we won’t assist with. You’ll find a wonderful selection of videos and articles to guide you through your mobohubb journey without relying on us. Our goal is to have all customers self-sufficient.

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